Kento Morita

Dr. Yogachandran Rahulamathavan

Loughborough University London, United Kingdom

Yogachandran Rahulamathavan is a Senior Lecturer and the Programme Director for MSc Cyber Security and Data Analytics at Loughborough University’s London Campus in the UK. Yoga obtained his PhD degree from Loughborough University in mathematical optimisation techniques for information processing in 2012. His research interest is on developing novel security protocols to advance machine learning techniques to solve complex privacy issues. Currently focussing on post-quantum encryption techniques to develop privacy-preserving machine learning algorithms. Currently, Dr Rahul coordinates a UK-India project between Loughborough University London, IIT Kharagpur, India and City, University of London. He is a Senior Member of IEEE and an Associate Editor for the IEEE Access journal.

Title: "Hide-and-Seek: Machine Learning in Encrypted Domain"

Abstract: Machine Learning models were built using a huge amount of high-quality and application-specific data. Even though the machine learning models can only be trained at places where the data is available, anyone can use the trained model for classification tasks via the Internet. While it sounds revolutionary, the trained ML models are not readily available to users in healthcare, finance, or marketing due to privacy issues. Users do not want to share their sensitive data with service providers due to a lack of trust. Simply encrypting the data only protects them during storage and transmission. Researchers and industries are developing novel techniques known as privacy-preserving techniques to process the data in an encrypted domain to tackle the privacy issue. Homomorphic encryption plays a key role in developing privacy-preserving machine learning algorithms. While homomorphic properties exist in traditional cryptographic schemes such as RSA, this talk will focus on fully homomorphic encryption from lattice-based cryptography. We will also go through the state-of-the-art works, challenges and future trend in this domain.

Sadeep Jayasumana

Dr. Sadeep Jayasumana

Senior Research Scientist at Google Research, New York

Sadeep Jayasumana is a Senior Research Scientist at Google Research, New York. His research interests are in the areas of computer vision, deep learning, and machine learning in general. Before joining Google, Sadeep has held research positions at Five AI, a UK-based self-driving car startup, and Man AHL, a London-based quantitative hedge fund. During his time in academia, Sadeep completed a Postdoc at the University of Oxford, and a PhD at the Australian National University - both in computer vision. He obtained his undergraduate degree from the Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering, University of Moratuwa.

Title: "Advances in Deep Learning"

Abstract: Deep learning has become the key machine learning tool in various AI application areas such as computer vision, natural language processing, and speech recognition. Systems powered by deep learning are already in everyday use; examples are: image and voice recognition software on smartphones, recommendation systems on eCommerce websites, and language translation software. Even more exciting deep-learning-powered systems like self-driving cars are just around the corner.